29 May 2017

Better Together Harp Workshops

This weekend, 15 or so harpists got together in Bedford for some workshops organized by Anne Crosby Gaudet. It was great to catch up with everyone and to have a chance to all play together! Katherine Fitch Loza and I led different parts of the afternoon, which included some tips for warming up, tips for sight reading, learning a tune, and a little bit of improvisation at the end.

23 May 2017

Deep Sea Conundrum in East Dover

On Saturday, Jack, Susanne, Courtney, and I went to the East Dover Community Hall for the second performance of Deep Sea Conundrum. The audience was amazing - although it was a show aimed at a younger age than those who attended, they were just as enthusiastic as the kids in Lunenburg! We're so grateful to the community of East Dover for welcoming us so warmly.

12 May 2017

Quiet the Bombs Music Video

Erin Costelo released a new music video this morning for her beautiful song Quiet the Bombs, from her recent album Down Below, The Status Quo. It was very cool to be part of this project - check it out below.

10 May 2017

Melville Heights

Today at Melville Heights Retirement Residence I played during afternoon tea, sharing the stage with this guy - the Duke of Melville (according to his name-tag).