18 March 2018

St. Patrick's Day at Finbar's

Dusty and I played for the keen early morning crowd at Finbar's Irish pub in Bedford yesterday!

16 March 2018


Erin and I were delighted to perform at Pier 21 last night for the opening reception of Homeplace, a new dance piece choreographed by Kathleen Doherty for Votive Dance and inspired by her time spent in Ireland. Keep track of Votive Dance's exciting work here: facebook.com/VotiveDance/

25 February 2018

Way to Grace CD release

Dusty performed his CD release show for Way to Grace last night to a packed house at the Old Triangle. Many thanks to Dusty for involving me on this project for the last couple of years. Check out his new album below:

31 January 2018

Sailing on Strings

Eastlink TV recently aired this 20 minute documentary about Cheryl Reid O'Hagan, my first teacher and founder of the Nova Scotia Harp Ring. Through performing, recording, teaching, and connecting people with instruments, she has created a large and thriving community of Nova Scotian harp players in the span of 20 years. The work Cheryl has done is truly amazing, check out her story below: